Saturday, September 09, 2006

Open Thread - Question Everything Edition

I don't actually have any questions, and it's not necessary that you have any either - I just thought we might as well have a place where we can throw "conventional wisdom" out the window, if we want.

Or, jabber about whatever anyone wants! I, as they say, have got nothin' .


Blogger Arcturus said...

& nuttin's plenty for meeeeeeeeeeeee, cuz . . .

name that tune?

just got box of 3 books in the mail today: Robin's Blaser long-awaited Collected Essays, The Fire -- someone I'll want to try to write about in the future --pieces I've read, & many I've never seen -- an amazing man, mind, poet --I went to a 70th bday conference in Vancouver (where he moved to from SF in the 60's) called "Recovery of the Public World" & here's an earlier essay by that name -- along with one called "The Irreparable" from 2003 -- Arendt & Agamben among many others running throughout his later pieces - & did I mention what a sweet man he is? or his elegant, mellifluous reading voice? omg!

Ammiel Alcalay's memories of our future -- one of those books I've meant to read for awhile, but never picked up

& a bay area poet whose work I adore, Laura Moriarty's Self-Destruction, opened at random:

"how comfortable are you judging the madness of others?"

9/09/2006 3:19 am  
Blogger Nanette said...

Your bookshelf must be chock full of interesting items, even just considering the ones you reference from time to time. I hope you do write about Blaser in the future, I am not familiar with their work.

Oh, and I can't name the tune :( . I'd never make it on a music trivia show, sigh.

9/09/2006 7:26 pm  
Blogger Arcturus said...

"I don’t know anything about God but what the human record tells
me — in whatever languages I can muster — or by turning to
translators — or the centuries — of that blasphemy which defines god’s
nature by our own hatred and prayers for vengeance and
dominance —
that he (lower case and questionable pronoun) would destroy by a
hideous disease one lover of another or by war, a nation for what
uprightness and economic hide-and-seek — and he (lower case and
questionable pronoun) is on the side of the always-ignorance of
in which we trust — the polis is at the ‘bottom of the sea,’ as Hannah
Arendt noticed — and he (lower case and interrogated pronoun)
among the manipulated incompetences of public thought." (Blaser, The Holy Forest)

"Thus opens ‘Even on Sunday,’ Blaser’s poem written for the gay games in Vancouver 1990 . . ." Meredith Quartermain, "Lyric Capability: the Syntax of Robin Blaser," who also writes:

"Blaser asks us to imagine a syntax for the human condition that is more subtle than a world of competing fascisms. It is this question of syntax — how to put together, without foreclosing in totalitarian abstractions, the fragments of our experience, and how to maintain necessary uncertainty in mapping the real — that emerges in all of these assessments."

9/09/2006 11:40 pm  
Blogger Arcturus said...

The song's Gershwin's from Porgy & Bess

Robin was one of the gay triumvirate (along w/ Robert Duncan & Jack Spicer) of the SF Renaissance (which cleared the way for the beats. He was the last of the three who really 'clicked' for me -- I can be a slow a learner.

Now I've just discovered that Naropa has a put a bunch (ok, a fraction their library) on-line for free download ... d/l'd a reading last night (2 1/2hrs on my dial-up!) w/ him reading "Even on Sunday" which I've heard read 'live' a few times & can't get enough of.

9/10/2006 4:43 pm  

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